Top 5 Ideas For Dog Halloween Costumes

Top 5 Ideas For Dog Halloween Costumes

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Dog Halloween costumes are becoming more and more popular every year! There’s nothing more fun than getting your dog involved in the excitement of Halloween. Many people even choose to get their dog an outfit that’ll complement their own!

You’d be surprised at just how many Halloween costumes there are available to buy for dogs of all sizes. Here are six of the best ideas.

1) Pumpkin
There’s something so cute about turning your pooch into a pumpkin! This costume is best for smaller dogs with a rounder body. Just get a ready made costume or create one yourself, turning your dogs body into a pumpkin and adding a hood with a little green detail for the stalk.

2) Dinosaur
There are dinosaur costumes available for all sizes of dog, but this is an especially cute idea for tiny dogs that like to think they’re fierce!

3) Dog Rider Costumes
If you have a very large dog then it can be hard to find the right costume for him. One idea is to use a rider costume. This means a saddle with a mini figurine of a person riding on their back. This looks funny as is also a good option for those dogs that tend not to like being dressed up in normal costumes. They will hardly notice they’re wearing this one.

4) Dracula
This is a good option for dogs of all sizes, as you can keep it relatively simple if you need to. The main element of the Dracula dog Halloween costumes is a cape, which is easy to get your dog to wear if they’re usually bothered by clothing.

5) Superdog
There are plenty of Halloween costumes available if you want to transform your pet into Superdog for the evening! Some of them even make use of his front legs for a more “human-like” and humorous costume effect.

6) Dog Wigs
Sometimes the simplest costume ideas are the best. If you really want your dog to look cute and funny then all you need is a wig! You can’t fail to laugh when you see your pooch in a funky hairstyle. Dog wigs are far easier to get hold of than you might think. The trick is to look at the size guides and measure your dog’s head to make sure it fits and stays on.

Remember, although dog Halloween costumes are fun for you, you have to make sure your dog is comfortable. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, our dogs just won’t wear what we want them to! Get something that’s well made and fits them properly to keep them safe and comfortable this Halloween.